Illustration / Havainnekuva

Illustration / Havainnekuva

Are Park Pello One – the world’s first industrial class solar power plant north of the Arctic Circle

Arctic Renewable Energy has leased over 15 hectares of land from a former sand mining area in Orajärvi village in the northern part of the municipality of Pello, Finland for its first solar power plant. The site is located just next to the important highway E8.

Our company’s first Arctic solar power plant, ARE Park Pello One, is scheduled for completion in 2026. This pilot project will be the northernmost industrial scale solar park in the world. The chosen former sand mining area is for many reasons an ideal and ecological site for the construction of the first Arctic solar park, because it is so-called wasteland on which it is easy and cost-effective to place a solar power plant.

ARE Park Pello One enables the innovative application of new solar power technologies in arctic regions. The purpose of the accumulation of this know-how is to enable the application of these concepts in significantly larger solar parks.

Another goal of ARE Park Pello One is to test the so-called hydride permeability, i.e. the applicability of small wind power (turbines of 10-20 KW) at arctic solar parks, for example.